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Eric Scoggin

Hi Stephen – thank you for your efforts – Tried to send MAC by email and failed.

MAC address: 44:67:55:40:58:09

Suggestion/feedback/constructive, well meaning criticism for Orbit:
– It is very cumbersome to access this user forum. When I’m logged into my bhyve app this forum is invisible. When I log into the forum, it breaks the link to the thread I’m trying to access.
– I would have preferred to provide my MAC address by email. Maybe it is harmless data, but with all the hacking and fraud these days, I’d rather not have that info posted so publicly. When I tried to provide it by email, I learned your return address is “no reply”.
– I really like this product, but the issue I’m having seems like a pretty major bug. I’m likely to return this unit before the 90 days are up at the store where I made the purchase. I hope you can fix this bug and improve your reputation.


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