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I still don’t see it. I even logged into the web page to control my unit instead of the app. I don’t see any settings that give you the choice of not having it water when it is going to rain but not use “Smart Watering” It appears that you have to turn on “Smart Watering” to be able to not have it water during the rain.
Here is a description of “Smart Watering” on Orbit’s web page.

“Smart Watering also includes Water Sense, which uses weather forecasting and actual rainfall to predict when to water. For example, as long as your B-hyve timer is properly connected to the internet and the forecast for your timer’s location is at a certain percentage toward rain, your timer will automatically receive a Rain Delay and delay any Smart Watering Programs from running during the specified Rain Delay.

*Note: Custom Programs will run when scheduled, they are not affected by Smart Watering Rain Delays.”

It is also unclear what a custom program is versus a regular program.

It appears that I want “Water Sense” but I don’t want “Smart Watering”.

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