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Can you be more specific about the requirements? I think you are implying that if the B-Hyve 6 station (57946) or 12 station (57950) timer was purchased after March 2018, then the blue tooth feature in the main timer can act as a blue tooth hub for the hose timer 21005, is that correct? Or is it the host timer 21005 that needs to be March 2018 or later? Or both?

Also, which device do you check for station A,B,C,D, is it the 6/12 station timer, or the hose timer? Is there another way to tell from the android app or http://my.orbithbhyve.com web site if it has the support or not? Or a range of the serial number?

I have both old and new timers, so you need to be specific so I can determine which ones I have that are compatible.

Also, how many hose timers can pair to the base station in blue tooth mode, can I have one, two, or even six?

If pairing to the 6/12 station timer, does it still have the 150′ distance capability like the Bluetooth hub 21006?

So basically the later manufacturing date of the 6 station (57946) or 12 station (57950) timer can act as the bluetooth hub (21006) for the hose timer (21005), correct?

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