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OMG! Ready to throw in the trashcan! Installed Monday, installed and worked flawless unit Friday (3days) when I laid new sod…how convenient!
Will not connect, keeps doing a reboot dance with B flashing and digit segments spinning. Then when stable, will never connect to wifi and now can’t even connect Bluetooth. I have to jump out zones to run water and have been doing this since yesterday. Also when i try to connect to a different WiFi with a non published SSID, why does the app have no “apply or save” button. I can enter SSID, password and security type but no button to go any further than x in upper left corner. AWESOME!

I have tried the following numerous times…
Reset all routers in house
Reset device
Reset and restore device to default
Reenter WiFi connection numerous times which never completes. (public and hidden SSID WiFi routers)

Coincidentally when I got it in the other day through Amazon, they sent me a second one bu mistake which I paid for. I got the label so send back and get credit but I am contemplating opening it up and installing it to try and throw other one in box and send back.

I’d like to say it needs a firmware upgrade but I think unreachable…44:67:55:41:D2:BF firmware 0020

I work with networking connections for a living with building automation systems but this one is a struggle.

Any suggestions out there? Is it beer o’clock?


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