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I am kind of disappointed that no one has answered my question. So feel like re-writing my question, in case it was not clear. When I say that its ‘drying up’ too fast. I mean the smart watering soil moisture graph is going down in one day. One day I set it to 100% (because the soil is nice and moist), and by the next day it is reading near 0%, and running the water again. This despite 70F weather… granted, with some wind, but still, soil is visibly moist because it has been watering every 2-3 days for the past few weeks of me trying to fix this. The reference evapotranspiration (ET0) shown in the advanced parameters seems reasonable (yesterday it was about 0.25cm/day, I think). It matches what I get at CIMIS. This means that, all things being equal and average, it would take 4 days to get down to 1cm depth. So, why does it run out of available water overnight?? I thought that maybe the plant factor maybe too high; e.i., it is thinking that the plants are drinking that up really fast. Maybe I have a more sparse planting that the default value assumes. According to the help file, the plant factor should be a fraction of ET0. 1.0 would be the same as the ET0 (plus whatever other parameters). But the plant factor in the Advanced parameters says 1.78cm per day. That is not a faction. Is it saying that its thinking that it dries up 1.78 cm/day?

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