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I found this issue to be more related to the AP… When I was using the ISP supplied Wireless AP (Frontier) I had major issues even with the strength being 4 bars. Newer APs have band steering and wont connect properly to older or slower Adapters. I switched over to a Linksys EA6400 and I have had very stable connection never drops. When I was on the Frontier and had my Phone or laptop in the garage (5GHz) I would lose the Timer connection. I believe the AP was band steering and turning off the slower antenna speeds to accommodate my faster devices.

Without getting too technical an AP (newer AP’s) have a logic in them to move devices from crowded 2.4GHz bands to the unsaturated 5GHz band. However not all devices support 5GHz. Wireless is half duplex which means it can send or receive only on one antenna. When you have a MIMO Band Steering AP you have a little more headroom but ultimately the AP will disable the 2.4GHz radio and give the 5GHz range to the rest of your available antennas to carry the heavier throughput load. When this happens older devices that are 2.4GHz only get dropped because they dont have logic or an antenna that can push them over to the 5GHz band.

All that said if your AP has one SSID and supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz on that same SSID your Router is band steering. I always setup two different SSIDs, one for each Band. Something like Roberts_wifi_2.4Ghz and Roberts_wifi_5ghz. This way I know what devices to connect to what SSID/Band.

Between 2.4 and 5Ghz, 2.4 has a farther range than 5ghz. This has to do with the signal amplitude. The 2.4Ghz band has a low short peak on its amplitude which means its more linear and travels farther but carries data due to the lower power and amplitude. 5GHz is the opposite which gives less range, less penetration power, but can carry more data.

Unfortunately I think older non dual band devices will begin to have this issue as IOT (internet of things) begins to grow more and more. I hope this sheds a little light on what i believe to be the issue with this disconnects. I honestly dont think its all Firmware. I think its how the APs are handling 2.4Ghz Adapter with band steering and the firmwares inability to re-pole the AP and request 2.4Ghz again. Since you have to enable it with a phone app to establish the original connection i dont think the Adapter knows what to do when it loses that 2.4 SSID.

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