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Hi all I have a similar issue with my orbit it has major issues trying to pair to my internet modem, I have been able to connect twice since I bought it about 9 months ago however when the modem needs resetting the orbit won’t re pair easily.
I have an old 2.4ghz modem with 4g stick on it which it works every time in pairing, but not on our main fiber connection modem.
My first thoughts were the limitations of the orbit radio if it’s B or G not N?
Our main modem I mixed 2.4 and 5ghz Wi-Fi I have tried disabling the 5ghz for testing and pairing however no good. The 2.4ghz setting is auto and will support all mixed B G N.
The units are within 1 meter of each other and once connected never an issue.

The firmware 0032
and Mac is 44:67:55:02:4A:FB

I have it currently connected to an older modem using a 4g dongle but would love to get it connected to our main modem if there is any fix?

Thanks all

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