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I’d like to add:

For the app, just display info or pages relevant to what the user has. Or load them but show them as disabled. No sense in loading a bunch of stuff that does not apply. I have two hose timers yet I see some very confusing stuff that prolly has to do with the wall-mount timers and/or hub.

The hub needs a LOT of refinement. I tried it just to see what I’m missing over BT and it was a complete headache. My house is an 1800 sq ft single story ranch with one timer out front and the other on the side. Had to put the hub in the attic for the signal to reach both (still quite unreliably). After getting it setup, the app doesn’t guide one through the difference between hub and BT, so nothing was watering. I finally yanked the hub off and went back to BT. Guess what? Had to deauthorize both timers and set them up as new and I still get some kind of popup on one timer about buying a hub whenever I connect to it.

My gut tells me this could be a good setup, but it’s a bit overwhelming and the help files are horrible.


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