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It may also be worth mentioning ..Please tell Dev Team ..The app has a fault….When you use Manual Watering..When the water starts and the time circle appears..there is text inside the circle, but you can not see what it says as the text is too BIG… Also do you sell an adapter that fits where the batterys go, I have mains access in our shed, and I want to say i am replacing batteries like every month. I only put new batteries in like two 9 days ago and already they are down to 70%, and this is due to the amount of times we are watering a day. Or can i buy a three volt DC power supply and hard wire it myself and solder the wires inside the battery holder where the batteries should go and not void its warranty???. And yes I would drill a hole through the logo put the wires through then silicon them both sides so no water can get in

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