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My situation may be unusual. I WANT Rain Delay to work (Smart Watering) on one program — the one I use to start the relay on my big irrigation pump that waters my tropical fruit grove every other day. BUT I also have a problem in that I use microjets for irrigation and ants use the small nozzle openings as an entrance to begin building a nest, therefore blocking the irrigation water flow. This occurs if the sprinklers haven’t run for a day or more. So I also want to run the system for about 5 minutes every 12 hours and for that program I do NOT want Rain Delay to occur.

I see no way to turn on Smart Watering for one program (my usual irrigation) but not have it effective for another one (my ‘cleansing’ runs for the microjets). As far as I can see, the entire device (all programs) are subject to the same Smart Watering setting. Am I wrong? and, if I’m correct, this should be an option available in a future firmware upgrade.

My firmware is 038 (6 zone system).

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