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I am still waiting for a response to my request for a firmware update. Can someone help with this?
Below is my original post on 10/27.

I recently purchased the bhyve wifi hub & 4 ea. additional timers. Therefore, I have a total of 5 ea. timers. I programmed all of the timers and have been having several issues including the ones people have been having in this topic. Even though I currently have all of the programs disabled & smart watering turned off. They include:
Notifications suggesting rain delays be set.
Notifications saying watering is complete for some valves.
Could you please check my hub firmware version & update if needed?
My Hub info is:
MAC Address: 44:67:55:20:79:37
Firmware version: 0018
My Timers MAC addresses are:
Hose Timer # 001 – 44:67:55:11:3C:A6
Hose Timer # 002 – 44:67:55:10:2D:F1
Hose Timer # 003 – 44:67:55:10:35:75
Hose Timer # 004 – 44:67:55:10:07:04
Hose Timer # 005 – 44:67:55:10:2D:AB
I updated all of the timers firmware when I installed them.

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