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When I first bought this timer a while ago, one of the key selling points was the HomeKit Capability.

Please help us all understand why you as a company, would think it’s “ok” or acceptable that Apple “authorized” you to provide a blanket statement from them to give to YOUR customers that they are working on this and it’s still not done. If this truly a collaborative effort to get this resolved, who are they to “authorize” another Company on what they can or cannot say about this? It appears Apple has put your Company and your Customers on the “bottom of the totem pole” of priorities. For you all to continue to put out the same blanket statement from Apple is unacceptable.

Although it’s not like this is a huge issue because the timer itself is awesome. But I would think if many of us knew about this issue prior to buying and setting it up, we may have have went with another Timer that actually did what it said it was going to do and what we paid for originally. With that said, do you all have any further updates on Apple HomeKit compatibility?

Sorry…just frustrated….Thanks

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