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Josh Wheeler


Our timers are able to connect to personal weather stations that are uploading their data to PWSWeather.com. This is dependent on the weather station owner to get the data to this site. Some stations support this directly, some require an additional piece of hardware called an Ambient Weather Bridge.

Using the Ambient Weather Bridge to upload to PWSWeather.com is the most straight forward method that may require fewer steps to get setup but costs more money.

Other stations might already support Ambient Weather and in this case it’s as simple as creating an account on PWSWeather.com and then linking to it from Ambient Weather. Their site is http://www.ambientweather.net, anyone can create an account. Once it’s all setup Ambient Weather will begin forwarding weather data to PWSWeather.com and the station will be available for anyone to use.

It’s also important to note that not all weather stations are created equally (not all measure rain etc.) or installed correctly or maintained in an operational state, so it’s important to only connect to personal weather stations that you know provide all the weather data you need and are properly installed and maintained.

Hope this helps explain.

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