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Is there any way that this stuff can be done by the hub / devices automatically? That would sure solve a LOT of issues, if these things would just keep themselves updated. Can you check mine? I’m pretty sure I’ve got a problem going as well:

MAC Address: 44:67:55:20:2C:FD
Firmware Version DEBUG-0017 (oy, I have a debug version going???)
Hardware Version: BH1-0001

And specifically, my question is rain-delay related but not exactly like Sforgues’s. My story (now) is: The batteries on my devices almost all died (4/6 devices). They don’t report when they’re low, and the hub doesn’t report when it loses connection with them. Anyway, that’s a different issue. After I changed the batteries, we’ve been having a lot of rain lately here, I’ve noticed that they’re saying “rain delay automatically set!” and “finished watering!” (And, I guess I’ve got a third problem, because 3/6 just aren’t responding at all, still.)

mixed up rain delay

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