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Josh Wheeler


I asked the developer responsible for smart watering to look into your timer, here’s the gist of his explanation.

Earlier in the season your ET (water consumption/evaporation) was so high that the system had to water before a full depletion level was reached or it would have a negative affect on the plants and it would put the zone into such a deficit that it would not be able to catch up in a short enough time.

Now that things are cooling off a bit the system is able to let it get to a regular depletion level and it has adjusted for that, according to what he told me. This would also explain why you don’t see the rapid changes you saw before, there’s less volatility in the we weather and there will be less change in the programs too.

Also, he noticed that you did perform a catch cup test for your zones and that the application rate varied on one of the zones, it was almost twice as much as the others, this would explain why one (sorry, I don’t recall the zone) zone will be watering for less time than the others.

He did reassure me that your system is and has adjusted for the current conditions based on the catch cup inputs for application rate and current ET values.

Hope this helps, it’s an oversimplification but that’s the level I understand it on too but I hope it helps.


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