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Josh Wheeler


I looked at your timer, it’s not connected and says the last time it was was on 9/3.

I get that you’ve probably already tried a bunch of things to get it going and am sorry it has not worked. This may need to be taken to our tech support team so that they can issue an exchange if needed.

The only other thing I might suggest if you haven’t already is to power cycle your router too and then update the DNS settings on your router to use Google’s DNS servers (Primary: Secondary: In rare cases we have seen some ISPs who intercept and reroute things in a way that it causes what look like connection issues on the timer. This is sometimes observable if the timer shows a solid WiFi connection with a blinking “!” next to it. This means that the timer is connected to the router just fine but can’t reach our servers.

If you still can’t get it to stay connected please contact our tech support team at [email protected] or call 1-800-488-6156, please include your timer’s Mac Address and as much information as you can for faster help.


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