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Josh Wheeler

Thank you everyone for the feedback, it’s not falling on deaf ears.

Just wanted to chime in and and give a brief explanation and a look forward to this feature.

This has been on the feature list from day one, it is just about to the top of the priority list with some careful considerations.

We not only desire to offer this feature to hose tap timers but to just about any combination of timers and when it comes to re-architecting our system to enable this, it’s no small task.

We have talked about how this would happen, hardware vs cloud or a combination and what benefits and limitations each one has and then what to do when a new timer needs to be added or removed, what then? And on an on.. As you can imagine the implications of some of these seemingly simple decisions can have huge impacts on the user experience. For example: If we only allow a group of zones to be created once and any change requires the whole group to be disbanded it is much easier from an App, Hardware & Cloud perspective, but it’s not much fun for you the user to have to recreate the group every time you add one or remove devices or whatever. So, we need to find a good balance of usability and maintainability. This has been a healthy debate between marketing and development, I promise. 😉 Most importantly, whatever it is, we want it to work, not release a half baked idea to shut people up.

So, it’s going to take a little time. There are other factors I can’t yet mention but will say they are very cool that they will have a bearing on this and many other features coming in the App.

So, we appreciate your frustration and don’t fault you for it, we just ask that you to hang in there with us knowing that good things are coming and we want to give you all the best experience we can.

Thank you!

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