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Josh Wheeler


You have done a factory reset to the timer, not a pairing operation. This means that all the programs and WiFi settings were deleted.

Explanation: For the first generation timers, Orbit brand only, you have to put them in Off mode the TAP the reset button one time to put them back into pairing mode, this is because they use WiFi pairing, however, the first generation Hydro-Rain timers used Bluetooth pairing and there is no need to put them in pairing mode, they’re always in pairing mode – UNLESS they have been changed to firmware version 33 which uses WiFi pairing, then they are like the Orbit ones (there were issues with the Bluetooth with some phones.). The second generation timers all use Bluetooth pairing and therefore not not need to be put in pairing mode. On all our timers pushing and holding the Reset button performs a factory reset which deletes all settings on the timer.

As long as you have not deleted the timer from your B-hyve account, all you need to do is go into the App, tap on the Network Icon in the upper left corner of the App then tap on Update WiFi.

Once the timer has been reconnected to WiFi it will download any saved zone and program data from the server and it will function as it did before.

If you deleted the timer from your account you’ll simply set it up again as if it were a new timer. Open the App and it should prompt you to add a device, if not, go to Settings > Devices > Add New Device and follow the steps.

In the future, to update the WiFi settings simply tap on the Network Icon in the upper left corner of the App and then choose Update WiFi. The steps for updating WiFi are a little different depending on which version of the timer you have so it is important to be clear when you are looking for instructions.

You could post your timer’s Mac Address here and we can look to see if it is still registered on the server or not and if it is tell you for sure which version you have and what the proper steps are for updating the WiFi next time.

Thank you!

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