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Jay Terwilliger

I FINALLY HAVE FOUND OUT THE PROBLEM! Thank you Ryan, than you Greg, but most of all thank you Curt (who I reached at the 800-488-6156 number. If you are having trouble programming multiple timers there are a few things that can help make it much easier to understand. First, you can’t use the general website… you need to go to the beta website (https://techsupport.orbitbhyve.com/#/) to program your timers, or use your phone App. Second, every time is a station is a zone. They are virtually the same thing, not, for example, 4 timer/stations in a zone. What that means is that you program each timer independently. Even if you can add “run times” and it looks like you can add “stations,” you can’t. If you try to manage 4 timers on one program it won’t work. Program then individually and it is fine. Next, according to Curt, who helped me outof my confusion, you cannot program start times/run times programs and have smart watering (to automatically create the rain delay from the weather report). If you want automatic rain delay, you program each device/timer/station to be smart watering. You can tell it which days to water, but you can’t tell it when to start or stop when it smart waters. It picks the time. So, you might get wet when you are mowing the lawn or picnicking. Odd. I’d prefer to smart water, but I only want that to happen between the hours of 6-8 am and 6-8 pm on odd days. Hopefully that will be in the next version.
Hope this helps someone.

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