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Josh Wheeler


Your timer has the latest version firmware.

It’s also showing connected.

You are not using smart watering, at the moment at least, so your timer is operating just like any timer would, as long as there’s a program with zones in it and the program is enabled it will water. It does not need a WiFi connection to water custom programs, just power. The WiFi connection would allow auto rain delays (yours are disabled because smart is disabled for the system) to be set and remote control but the lack of it should not stop it from watering custom programs.

I did notice that you only have zones 1 & 4 in the currently enabled program A, which means 2 & 3 are not being watered. If this was a mistake you will need to update the program.

If you’re still seeing instances where it should be watering but is not please let us know, we’d really like to look into if if we can.

Thank you!

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