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I too am having the same problem. My device goes offline multiple times per day. This has caused lots of dead plants. The last time it ran the programs properly was July 7th.

I frequently find the app saying it he device is offline. When I open the timer box I find the display continuously flashing. I have to pull the ribbon cable to rest and sometimes that doesn’t work and I have to go turn off the circuit breaker. I also have noticed that some times the panel will rest but then when I close the panel it will start flashing again. I was thinking it might be temperature related but then it seems more like electro-mechanical issues when I see that closing the panel causes it start acting up. I’m very disappointed with this device. It’s not that old. I have a 12 station version at a different property that seems to work fine. My address for the faulty device is:

You have updated the firmware earlier this year around June 2018.

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