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Josh Wheeler


Smart Watering is constantly monitoring all watering done by the timer, smart, custom or manual along with any measurable rainfall.

It is also monitoring the temperature and wind to calculate how much water is lost through evaporation.

As it sees a zone has reached zero percent moisture balance (not necessarily dry dirt) it will schedule a watering.

Depending on the landscape inputs and the measured efficiency of your sprinklers (done with catch cups) and the current weather in your area it will adjust the watering schedule as needed.

You may have also noticed that it will water the zone more than once, this is called cycle and soak; It’s used to optimize water absorption by the soil. Depending on the soil type and slope it will divide the watering up into as many as four cycles to prevent run off and still get it as close to 100% moisture balance as possible.

If the slope is too steep and it is not possible to get the zone back to 100% in one day it may schedule additional watering the next day to completely fill it up.

I don’t know what your zone settings look like but if it matches what I described above this may explain the more frequent watering.

This is why the more information you have input and the more accurate it is the better.

Hope this helps!

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