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Josh Wheeler


There are two basic differences in the timer functionality.

1. Gen2 uses Bluetooth for pairing to WiFi. Helps keep the entire experience in the B-hyve App for iOS, Android it’s a little less different. Gen1 uses AdHoc WiFi which takes a step or two more than the Bluetooth. Bluetooth allows the phone to stay connected to the timer while the timer attempts to connect to WiFi, this way the App can be more informative when/if something goes wrong in the WiFi setup.
2. Gen2 has four program slots, ABC&D which can be seen on the Program button and is one of the only ways to tell which is which. This is a memory difference on the timers. Is it a big deal? Maybe for some but if things pan out eventually we hope to be able to support more than four even and *maybe* even on the Gen1 timers, that’s a ginormous maybe.

The other ones.
1. The Gen2 timer can act as a Bluetooth to WiFi bridge for our Bluetooth hose faucet timers. Only a feature if you’re using our Bluetooth hose faucet timers.
2. You can connect to the timer directly via Bluetooth to program it or run manual programs, etc. Only a feature if you are in a location without WiFi. This has a limited range and using cellular or WiFi data is preferable.

Other than that they are basically the same features wise.

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