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I am a “smarthome enthusiast” and would also love to see additional integrations. I know they have said they are “planning on it”, but adding my voice here to hopefully stay updated on any developments. We know they already have an API because that would be a requirement for the Alexa integration, so this is purely a “marketing” limitation, not necessarily a technical one. I understand, those BD relationships take time, so I would suggest in the meantime: publish an API or make available upon request so we can at least hack around with “webhooks” or something until you get official integration with some of the other services out there. I would like to see: IFTTT, Stringify, Google Home/Assistant, SmartThings. (realizing that if you did one of the first two, the last two could become “supported” by way of their existing integrations with those services). Stringify is my current favorite.

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