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Josh Wheeler


Your timer first needs a solid internet connection before I can push and update to it.

A flashing exclamation means that the timer has connected to the WiFi router but CAN NOT reach the Orbit server. Sometimes, just sometimes, power cycling the timer will get it to connect if everything else is good to go.

If a power cycle does not get it connected and everything else is correct… Please check that if you have MAC Address filtering enabled on your WiFi router that you add the timer’s MAC Address to the list. If you don’t have filtering enabled you could try power cycling your WiFi router and see if that does it.

If all this still fails, you can go to the B-hyve App’s home screen, tap on the network icon in the upper left of the screen and then tap on “Update Wi-Fi” and try entering the network credentials again.

If you still need more help please reach out to our tech support team and they can troubleshoot with you.

Thank you!

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