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Hello dbirmingham, You’ll want to make sure you’re using our beta site https://techsupport.orbitbhyve.com/#/
If your using our old one you’ll only be able to see one device. Also it’s sounding like your trying to rename your hose faucet timers Which all only have one zone. They will all be listed as separate devices with one zone each, and you will need to program each timer individually. To change a zones name in the app go to the zones page> select your zone> then tap the grayed out box that says zone 1 your keyboard will appear, and you can enter your desired name. If you’re doing it from the dashboard then you will want to scroll down to the bottom of the page where your zones are listed. Then select the edit button, then there is a textbox labeled name, just click on it and start entering your zones name. If you would like me to check your system pleas provide me the mac address of one of your connected deices. Thank you!

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