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Hello Jeff, Your firmware is up to date, and everything scheduled so far is following your current smart settings. Just so you’re aware smart watering will not always run all of your zones with the same program. That is why some of your zones will water some days, and others wont. Currently half your zones are set to run about once a week for 20min, and the other half about twice a week for a little over an hour. To have smart watering water more to your liking please go to watering schedule adjustments under each zones smart details page. Here you will be able to adjust the runtime, and watering frequency of each zone. They are adjusted using the 2 slide bars at the bottom of the page, and adjustments will show up at the top (next to estimated duration for the runtime, and in the calendar for your interval adjustments). If you have any other questions on how to adjust your settings please let us know. Thank you!

Hello Alan, i’m updating your firmware which should help to resolve your issue. If it continues please let us know. Thank you!

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