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I have multiple hose timers, and once I understood that the app is optimally designed to support the multiple valve timers BUT also contains the features we need to run our hose timers, it all clicked for me.

The app ties them all together for you to select and control them – but each hose timer only knows about its own zone (and only zone) and programs. I rename each timer’s zone (zone 1) for where I am going to put it – although I named my timers themselves by number (as I was not sure where they all would end up) I thought about naming the device itself “back Yard north” and “front yard” etc.

So for my timer1 in the back yard – I renamed zone 1 to backyard
For my timer2 for the front yard I renamed zone 1 (and we are talkin timer 2’s zone 1) to frontyard

If you are unsure which one you are on – go to the home screen – and right below the B-hyve logo you will see “Active Device: your device name here”

I saw the cool feature above to switch between devices – I used to – go to settings on the lower right, pick devices, pick the desired device, pick “control this device” and you are back to home with this device now listed under the logo. The dropdown makes all that unnecessary.

Half the trouble with software is knowing what to ignore. B-hyve as an entity does not seem to have product manager level awareness of the user experience and what happens to us is we call in, confused by the zones and programs issue – and some of the better support techs explain it well, others don’t seem to understand why we are confused.

What I wish they had done is given us something like this:
Congratulations you have just purchased a powerful tool for automating your watering needs. For those of you who have purchased hose timers, some of the language/features of the app may be a bit confusing, for this app is also used to control timers which may themselves be controlling 6 individual valves. Just remember, for you, each hose timer only controls 1 valve and thus one zone. Each timer will show a zone 1, but it is only relative to that timer.

I get why they did not break out a separate app for us, the ‘hose people’, but I do wish they had the awareness to help set the paradigm for us up front. the fact that so many of us are confused should be evidence of the need to do so, but I realize that would also would be an ackowledgement of ” . .this is not ideal, or we would not have to say this, but his is how we did it” and crossing


threshold may be the issue here.

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