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Hello, I’m new to the b.hyve family. I’m struggling to get my smart watering set up the way I want it be. I’m only using smart watering because I want the rain delay to work automatically. My yard has an incline but it’s not that steep or high up from the road. Must of my yard is level. I have two zones set up. Zone 1 is for the flower beds with annual flowers and shrugs. I have 4 mist heads for this zone that sprays. Zone 2 is for the lawn. I have 2 rotating sprinkler heads for this zone. I live in Hephzibah GA. I’m not sure what type of soil I have. I really have more sprinkler heads and mist head than I need. Ideally I want to water my lawn (Zone 2)every other day at 5:00 am for 5 mins and again at 8:00am for 5 mins. I want (Zone 1) to water everyday 4 times a day starting 6:00am for 3 mins each times, with the last watering at 6:00pm. Can you please check my settings and update my firmware if needed and give me any advice on how to achieve what I need. Thank in advance.
MAC address: 44:67:55:03:58:F4
Firmware: DEBUG-0010

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