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Hello Sugiant, I suggest making changes in your watering schedule adjustments page. this is found under each zones smart details. There are 2 ways adjustments can be made in this page. You can edit the runtime, and how often the zone waters each is done using a slide bar. The Runtime adjustment slide bar will change your sprinklers runtime (longer or shorter), and is shown by percentage on the slide bar. Up at the top of the page just to the right of estimated duration, shows how long it will run. Then use the interval adjustment slide bar to determine if your system waters less or more often. These changes are displayed in the calendar above under estimated intervals. It shows the number of days between each scheduled watering cycle for each month of the year. Just so you know once you’ve set your changes, and leave this page the slide bars will revert to the middle so further adjustments can be made. Your previous settings are not lost, it’s just allows further adjustments to be made from the settings you previously set.

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