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Hello, I am having the same issue. I just reconnected my hub (unplugged and plugged back in). Sometimes my system will work for awhile if I pull the battery holder out and put it back in but the system will not stay connected to wifi and I get error message “your device is set to off” and emails stating my device is disconnected. Resetting to auto doesn’t work b/c it resets itself to OFF. I reset the WIFI connection on the hub, but the timer outside still will not set itself and stay on AUTO. When I try to update firmware it says it is already up to date.

This is getting really complicated and annoying and I’m considering getting a simple mechanical/non-digital timer.

Hose timer MAC: 44:67:55:10:69:C2
Firmware version: 0032
Hardware version: HT25-0000

Hub MAC: 44:67:55:20:17:10
Hardware version: BH1-0001
Firmware version: DEBUG-0017

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