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Many thanks. I did get a unit, and I’m running it in custom program mode. The 1.5 hour window is tight, but works. I’ll try enabling smart watering overall but not for the zones.

So after reviewing the unit, three suggestions:
1. Change watering restrictions to allow “watering is permitted between time 1 and 2” in addition to the current “watering is not permitted between time 1 and 2”
2. Add a firmware update push function in the app. It will drop the traffic on this forum by half…
3. Have someone who really speaks French review the iOS app – or allow an override of the language setting. Currently the app uses the iOS default, with no override. It really is quite atrocious – you have to use trial-and-error to figure out what the controls mean. As an example, in the watering restrictions page of custom programs, you have the choice between what translates as “odd” and “odd days”. Yes, one of these two gives you even days. How can you find out? Trial and error.

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