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Just another observation, this time of a “bug”. For the last 24 hours, whenever I have asked, Talk to Orbit B-Hyve reports that the last time watered was on July 9 at 1:05 AM. Now first of all, I have watered during that 24 hour interval, so the time last watered should have changed. Secondly, the current time is 9:58 PM on

    July 8

. I’ve checked the date and time on my B-Hyve controller and it is set correctly, so there is clearly something wrong with the reporting of the last watering time.

Other than that, however, I’ve found no other problems. BTW, I’m sure that the reason they have offered so many different forms of each command is to be able to handle a wide range of speaking preferences and minor inconsistencies among users. I’ve also noticed that it will sometimes accept undocumented commands, e.g. the word “zone” instead of “station” even where that difference is not offered. Nice job, Orbit Engineers!!!

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