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I just successfully linked my sprinkler controller to Google Assistant on my phone and successfully tried out all of the various commands shown at http://help.orbitbhyve.com/google-commands/. The first time that I said “OK Google”, “Talk to Orbit BHyve”, Google Assistant came back saying “It looks like your Orbit BHyve account is not linked yet.” and it displayed a box containing the BHyve logo and the words “Link Orbit BHyve to Google”. I clicked on (touched) the box, and Google took me to a screen to provide my Orbit BHyve Account login credentials. I provided them, and tried “OK Google”, “Talk to Orbit BHyve” again, and it worked from that point forward through all commands that I tried. Everything is quite easy and works well. I do not currently use a Google Home device, but have no reason to believe that it would not work exactly the same way, and just as well.

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