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Thank you for that very detailed and useful explanation of adjusting the watering schedule. I’ve played around with the settings, and they have changed the duration of the watering, but no matter how long or short I set the duration to, it continues to duplicate the schedule. For example, initially I had all three zone scheduled to water for a total of 82 minutes. The program for the three zones would then duplicate, back to back, for another 82 minutes. Now, it’s scheduling the three zones to run for a total 41 minutes, but it’s still duplicating that, back to back, for an additional 41 minutes.

What seems so strange to me is I have another timer (exact same model and firmware) located approximately 10 miles away that does not display this behavior. It simply schedules each zone to run in succession and does not duplicate the program. I guess nothing is really wrong, it just seems strange that it’s duplicating the program instead of adjusting the time like my other timer.

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