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Hello rocourteau, the answer to your first question is yes/no. So you’d have to just set your timer so it wasn’t allowed to water except during that 1.5hr block. However the only restrictions for days are as followed select days of the week, even days of the month, and odd days of the month. as for making the schedule it should create the schedule, but seeing as that is a very short window of time you will probably need to adjust the runtime for each zone to fit our city restrictions. This would be done under each zones smart details page under watering schedule adjustments. where you could set the exact runtime. In this section you can also adjust the interval between each scheduled watering. This is set by an interval of days. However depending on your city restrictions you may need to occasionally adjust it to get it to water on those even, and odd day. Over all smart watering would work, but would be on the more difficult end to set up and maintain.

Bonus: smart watering will eventually take into account the watering from your programs and manual watering’s, which will adjust your soil moisture, however you will most likely end up with over watering if you have smart watering, and a custom program enabled for the same zone. If you had for example a 12 station timer and 8 of them used smart watering, and the other 4 used a custom program that would be fine. In that case they would run in coexistence. the only thing to be aware of is your 4 custom programed zones would receive weather delays, because your device is using smart watering.

So I would suggest keeping smart watering enabled for your device, but turned off for each individual zone. This would still allow automatic weather delays, for your timer including your custom programs. Then you could just use 1 or more custom programs to fine tune the exact schedule you need to fit your restrictions. This way all of your zones will get watered, and you could use your full 1.5hr block.

Just let us know if you have any further questions. I’d be happy to help!

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