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I am on property this week. I feel more comfortable changing firmware because I am here to manually reset of needed. Here are my MAC addresses and current firmware levels:

WiFi hub – Dunelawn Hub – MAC 446755206187 – Hardware: BH1-0001 Firmware: DEBUG-0017

Hose Faucet Timer – Dunelawn Patio Drip Irrigation – MAC 446755108de9 – Hardware: HT25-0000 Firmware: 32

Hose Faucet Timer – Dunelawn Front Lawn – MAC 44675510a743 – Hardware: HT25-0000 Firmware: 32

When I try updating firmware on both Hose Faucet timers I get a message back:
“Update Skipped: Firmware is already up to date”

I can’t seem to update firmware on the WiFi Hub – there is no selection to do that in the app.

What can we try next?

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