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Thanks Ryan. I understand that one timer is one zone. That makes sense to me. But, I should be able to coordinate my zones (valves) much like you can with a traditional sprinkler timer.

Right now you setup a hose timer in the app as you would setup your traditional b-hyve timer which controls 6-12 zones. I want each hose timer to be one zone but also want to have a master program to coordinate those zones much like the traditional timer coordinates zones. That way I can tell it to run zone 2 after zone 1 runs.

The hose timers are considered ‘expandable’ by Orbit simply because the hub can handle more than one. I assumed they’d also be integrated so I could control them together as one system. But I can’t because of how the app is developed. There is no master program where I can start Zone 1 (valve one) and Zone 2 (valve two). You’re trying to force the valve in as a timer but you’re losing functionality this way. There should be a master program (maybe it lives in the hub object) that allows us to make one program that starts off different valves (each as zones) as the program runs one at a time. There’s no technical reason you can’t have this type of coordination besides having to rethink how the valves are handled in the app and some development.

If you want to encourage people to buy multiple valves (2+ valves cost more than a timer) customers will expect integration and coordination capabilities. Not completely separately operating valves in one app with no method of coordination. Having to switch between timers and create multiple non-coordinating programs is not smart and I’m surprised this wasn’t addressed at product launch.

I get that it’s easier to make valves equal a single zone timer from a programming perspective but it makes sense to treat them differently for this expanded capability. Both valves opening at the same time for most applications will not be acceptable to the user. I hope you better understand my situation and my expectations. And I hope you can use my criticism of this setup to improve the user Expierence with these valves. Otherwise they’re a great product…but the lack of this functionality is unfortunately a deal beaker for me.

Thanks for listening!

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