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Has anyone figured out how to control multiple timers (with a single hub) using Alexa?

Here’s what I’ve determined:
o A hose faucet timer “Device” can have have a custom “name”.
o It has one “Station” auto-labeled “1”.
o It can have one “Zone” with a custom name. Zones are also numbered.

Alexa commands are documented to support (among other things):
o “…run|water all zones” (but not a specific Zone!)
o “…start|run|water|begin program A|B|C|D” (but not by program name!)
o “…run|water|start station 1-12 for n minutes” (but not by station name!)

So, with two hose faucet timers, there is no way that I can see, from the documentation or from experimenting, to control timers separately.

If I say “…run station 1 for 5 minutes”, one of the timers does start running.
If I say “…run program A”, it claims to run something, but nothing actually runs.
If I say “…run zone MyZoneName”, it responds “Your timer is now watering all stations”, but nothing actually runs.

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