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Multiple days of not running programs. very unreliable and is going to kill my lawn on these 100 degree days.

I have spent Hours of set up, calibration and test. The smart watering feature is horrible. Setting up water cups the app did not save my inputs on numerous zones. So it took forever to complete. I double checked the water estimates from my measurements and it was not consistent with orbit online scheduler. After setting up smart watering all my 12 zones watering all back to back so watering continues all night in the the afternoon. So I switch to manual programs which show history of watering, but I didn’t feel the grass showed as being water. So I put out catch cups and the next morning rather than watering 3 of my zones 4 times each like the calendar showed it would, each cup was absolutely empty. This is going to kill my grass if I wasn’t diligent enough to track it. When I first bought this it required me to log in to a users forum to request updates to the firmware of the residential timer. I am returning it. So frustrated.

This product should not have been released in this horrible state.

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