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Not an official answer, but I was looking at this as well.

From a competitor’s product FAQ on this, Aeris gets PWS weather data from the PWSWeather.com servers or through the CWOP program.

From that, one needs to have their station report their data to one of those servers and then will be seen by the controller.

I am still working on this, as I really really want to get my rain data for my FL house to the B-Hyve, as it can rain 1″ in one area and be completely dry a few miles away. I am out of luck with PWSWeather, as Davis, those expensive stations that one would think are ‘advance’, currently does not support data upload to the PWSWeather servers. I am working on getting my station to CWOP to see if it appears in the map.

That said, I can say that the B-Hyve algorithms are getting better, and the switch to Aeris is a positive as well as the ability to customize the use of weather data (percentage & rain) for rain delay. Good to see things getting better over time.

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