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First, let me ask that you guys do something about calling in for support. I’ve tried calling support for two days now, holding almost 2 hours each time, and can’t get anything but a recording.

I have three hose faucet timers that stay on off mode and I can’t set them to auto, so smart watering does not work. MAC 44:67:55:10:AF:01 MAC 44:67:55:10:89:DA and MAC 44:67:55:10:AA:43 the HUB is MAC 44:67:55:20:52:4B all have updated firmware version 32. The hub has firmware version DEBUG-0017.

My other problem is that Alexa does not find any of my devices. If I go to the online account it shows a timer which I don’t have, no hub and no faucet timers appear on the account.

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