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I recently purchased five of your HT25 Faucet Timers, one with the wifi hub. After getting all of the timers setup and connected to the hub, all but one (Timer 5) keeps turning themselves off. I am unable to set the timers to auto, whether I connect via wifi or Bluetooth it does not matter. I have reset and reconfigured each timer several times with no luck. I’ve seen several support threads about this topic claiming the issue was resolved in a recent firmware update, yet I’m seeing this with almost all of my timers. Below are the details of my devices, please advise. Thanks in advance.

MAC Address: 44:67:55:20:08:7C
Firmware Version: DEBUG-0017

Timer 1
MAC Address: 44:67:55:10:AB:5C
Firmware Version: 32

Timer 2
MAC Address: 44:67:55:10:A5:9A
Firmware Version: 32

Timer 3
MAC Address: 44:67:55:10:89:E7
Firmware Version: 32

Timer 4
MAC Address: 44:67:55:10:A6:DA
Firmware Version: 32

Timer 5
MAC Address: 44:67:55:10:AB:B8
Firmware Version: 32

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