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Does anyone have a theory of operation of this hardware? Without it, we can’t figure out what’s going on…
I have three devices all HT25-0000 and supposedly running firmware version 32 and in the same group. They were all wotfine for several weeks and now this is what I have in the tab device details:
Dev1(east) run mode -> Off, option -> control this device
Dev2(west) run mode -> Auto, option -> control this device
Dev3(west2) run mode -> Off, option -> connect bluetooth active device
Whatdoes it all mean?
Notice that all three were in: run mode -> Auto and option -> control this device
By pushing control this device it goes to some panel telling me tgat the device is off. Again a theory of operation is all we need to understand what we ard actually doing when we press all thesd buttons…

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