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I’ve figured out how to do it. I’m using 11 zones: 1-3 each run 6 minutes; 4-6 each run 8 minutes; 7 runs 12 minutes; and 8 & 9 run 15 minutes. I run Program A for zones 1-3 and have it run for 3 minutes (total of 9 minutes). Then I added a second start time 3 minutes after the 9 minutes is up, which gives the well pump time to get caught up and shut off.

Program B is for zones 4-6. It starts 3 minutes after the Program A, 2nd start is done. The first start for Program B runs each zone for 4 minutes; then there is a 3-minute delay (total of 11 minutes) until the second start begins and the program runs again, followed by a 3-minute delay.

Program C is for zones 7-9. Zone 7 runs for 4 minutes; zones 8 & 9 run for 5 minutes each, followed by a 3-minute delay (total of 17 minutes). A second start time runs the sequence one more time – another 17 minutes; then a third start time following the 3-minute delay at the end of sequence 2.

Program D is for zones 10 & 11. It starts 45 minutes before Program A starts and zones 10 & 11 each run for 5 minutes, followed by a 3-minute delay. Then, a second start repeats the sequence, leaving a delay of 22 minutes before Program A starts.

The longest the well pump runs is 14 minutes at a time, then it gets a 3-minute rest period. It’s a little complicated, but the pump has a recovery period a various points through the entire watering cycle and isn’t running constantly.

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