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Thank you for the post Steven and comments on my input. I have a couple more below 🙂

For item 1 above, I don’t think I clearly described what I was looking for. Let me try again. I know that you can INDIVIDUALLY go into each zone setup and change moisture level. What I was suggesting or asking about was an EASY one or two step way to tell the app that ALL zones should be a 100% because we had a drenching rain. I have noticed that after heavy rain (whole yard squishy), moisture doesn’t always reflect that for all zones. I am suggesting you need to add an easy way to tell the app to set all zones to 100% and react accordingly, and not try to sprinkle the next day or even several days. No one is going to go into individual zones when you might have 10 of them to set each moisture level separately…

For item 2 above, what is the purpose of the “antenna” icon on the home screen that can sometimes have a cross though it? I assumed it was a connectivity icon, but maybe that’s only to the server? What I have done which is not very pretty is to setup a “dummy” zone that has no wires to it. To check connectivity I manually “start” watering the dummy zone, and if it completes right away I think I can possibly conclude I have a successful connection to the timer?

For item 3, I have since determined that this happens mainly when my phone has connected to house WiFi from outside, but with a weak signal. This probably means that when I try to manually start or stop a zone, due to slow or weak WiFi it times out. If I turn off WiFi, and rely on cell network, I don’t see this issue.

Here are a couple more suggestions:

8). When setting up a program or editing a program, or when manually running multiple zones, it should show on the screen somewhere as you add zones what the total run time would be if you saved at that point. When setting up a program with watering restrictions in mind for example, I need to make sure watering if OFF by a certain time, so I need to make sure I select a start time that completes appropriately. This would make programming easier and avoid math in head errors 🙂

9). I would be very useful and nice to have more information on the history page when looking back at the calendar. Maybe have the app include if it recorded rain that day and how much? Also what the high and low temps for that day were?


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