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I saw another post where the person said they had to unplug and re-plug their wifi dongle. I tried that and was able to establish manual watering ability again. I was hopeful that the timers would work but again, this morning, one of them worked and one of them did not.

I disabled smart watering yesterday as I felt maybe that was causing some issue (though, I never received warnings that watering would stop and it was not watering for days at a time when there was no rain forecast).

My mac addresses are:
Timer: 44:67:55:10:84:5E (this one was scheudled to run this morning at 7:31am PT and it failed to do so, I manually started it at around 7:55.
Timer: 44:67:55:10:5B:A2 (this one appears to have run this morning at 7:01, as scheduled.
Wifi dongle: 44:67:55:20:2A:D9

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