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Could you have another go at updating the firmware again on my controller? {problem I have is that the controller of late is constantly dropping the wi-fi connection. The connection to my wi-fi router is good, 2 to 3 bars. All through our last summer in Australia (December to March) it preformed well with no problems. At around May 25th, the controller started dropping wi-fi connections every few hours for no apparent reason. The wi-fi drop out coincided with the app update to version 1.7.25

Controller details:
B-Hyve 6stn outdoor residential controller (controller is in Perth, Western Australia if that makes a difference?)
MAC address: 44:67:55:01:E5:12
Hardware version: wt25-0001
Firmware: 0032
App version: 1.7.25 (442) – iPhone 7plus


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