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Hello, I am experiencing the same issues of wrong time and no weather on the app (Apple). Also, I have a delay between each my zones that appears to be doubling the all zone times (i.e.: Zone 1 starts at 3:00 AM for 34 min and then Zone 2 is starting at 4:08 AM instead of 3:34 AM)- I think I read that issue in another topic. But when I log in to the b-hyve account on my desktop, the schedule/time appears correct.

On the app, the Device Details:

Last connected: Jun 4, 2018 at 5:33:15 AM (which is tomorrow morning– 7 hours ahead)

My MAC address is 44:67:55:01:B8:70

Firmware Version: 0045

Hardware Version: WT25H-0001

Please update my firmware. Thank you!

Thank you.

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