Home Community HRC-400 Professional Timer Timer will not pair with the app. Reply To: Timer will not pair with the app.


Same problem, not even seeing the wifi symbol on the device.

This is our second device, returned the first one to Home Depot. Same behavior as before. The device isn’t faulty, feels like a backend problem with B-Hyve’s servers.

Worked fine two weeks ago then suddenly stopped. The B-Hyve network/device doesn’t even show up in the app. Tried resetting, tried the gray ribbon. Cycled the router many many times. Deleted and re-installed the app twice.

Feel like I wasted my money. B-Hyve is silent on the forums, offering no help. Seeing other posts about nobody answering the phones. Wondering if B-Hyve has gone dark leaving us with a very expensive paper-weight. If I can’t get this working this weekend it’s going back to Home Depot and I’m going with a reliable non-online device.

B-Hyve get your act together, this is serious!

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